MarPoll: Maritime CEO’s latest poll launches

MarPoll: Maritime CEO’s latest poll launches

Singapore: With the final Maritime CEO magazine of the year approaching today we kick off our regular online voting section, results of which will appear on the back page of the magazine. For this vote we cast around the Maritime CEO website as well as its sister titles around the world looking for interesting themes for questions.

Andre Eichman: Capturing the moment

Andre Eichman: Capturing the momentHong Kong: For the majority of us photography is simply a matter of pointing and clicking and hoping for something half decent to pop up on the screen. For André Eichman it is an art form. Eichman, an American who has been living i...

Manish Singh: Ready to return

Manish Singh: Ready to returnCambridge: Manish Singh, chairman of consultants Ideocean as well as the Cambridge Academy of Transport has announced his return to V.Group as group director for strategy and M&A. V.Group, a leading marine services provider, ha...

Star Bulk: Shipping’s top consolidator

Star Bulk: Shipping’s top consolidatorAthens: In the bulk trades in 2014 Spyros Capralos has clearly been the shipowner newsmaker of the year. The chairman of Star Bulk Carriers now presides over the largest US-listed dry bulk shipowner with a fleet of 103 ships – inc...

Shinyo International: Golden times for VLCCs on the horizon?

Shinyo International: Golden times for VLCCs on the horizon?Hong Kong: Genial Fred Cheng is in a slightly frustrated mood when meeting with Maritime CEO. For a long time, Cheng, the famous owner who soared high and crashed spectacularly with Golden Ocean in the 1990s, has been championing pr...

China Navigation: Managing growth

China Navigation: Managing growthSingapore: Such is the scale of fleet expansion ongoing at China Navigation that for the first time in its 131-year history it is looking at farming out some vessels to third party managers. The controlled fleet is set to hit around...

Wake Media: Not just another PR firm

Wake Media: Not just another PR firmLondon: A well-known name in the maritime media world, Steve Parks, has set up his own company, Wake Media, after a long stint with UK publisher Riviera Maritime Media.

Inmarsat: ‘Today’s generation won’t go to sea without proper connectivity’

Inmarsat: ‘Today’s generation won’t go to sea without proper connectivity’London: There’s been much discussion about crewless ships of late as technology makes an ever-greater impact on day-to-day ship operations. For Frank Coles, president of telecoms giant Inmarsat Maritime, less crew is a near certai...

Great Eastern: ‘This game is about how sensibly you allocate your capital’

Great Eastern: ‘This game is about how sensibly you allocate your capital’Mumbai: During the course of the last six years that has seen the shipping industry pass through one of the worst recessions in living memory, India’s largest private sector shipowner, Great Eastern Shipping, has regularly churned...

Cargotec: ‘Shipping just as efficient as airlines’

Cargotec: ‘Shipping just as efficient as airlines’Helsinki: He has become known as one of Finland’s go-to businessmen to help turnaround companies. Now some 18 months in his new role as president and ceo of Cargotec, the giant Finnish maritime equipment manufacturer, Mika Vehvil...

The Chi Company: Getting closer to your customers

The Chi Company: Getting closer to your customersHong Kong: A meticulous eye for detail and a willingness to try different things and to go the extra mile always set Greg March apart from others in the maritime events world. Now as he embarks on a new chapter of his career, helmin...

SGMF: The case for gas

London: Despite all the hubbub regarding LNG as a fuel for ships, even the keenest proponents of the fuel switch admit take up will be slow. Mark Bell, general manager of the Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel (SGMF), tells Maritime CEO that any transi...

Langton Shipping Group: New kid on the block

Hong Kong: Hong Kong has a new shipmanagement company and one with razor sharp commercial antenna. Headed by ex-Wallem employees, Michael Birley, Rajesh Gadhia and Laxman Kumar, Langton Shipping Group is, according to Birley, “the culmination of 35...

Marine Delivery: Benefits of a downturn

Singapore: OSV veteran Amandeep Singh is convinced the downturn has been beneficial for quality owners, as it has by default initiated the process of forcing lots of old tonnage out of the market. The managing director and ceo of Marine Delivery (...

Polish Register: Offshore move

Gdansk: The Polish Register of Shipping is making inroads into the offshore market. The class society has traditionally focused on dry bulk tonnage but under its current president Dariusz Rudzinski there has been a concerted effort to diversify. To t...

Topaz Marine Engineering: Middle East’s super competitive yard scene

Dubai: A leading shipyard executive in the Middle East has questioned the incredibly low prices some of his competitors are offering to secure business. Geoff Taylor, managing director of Topaz Marine Engineering, tells Maritime CEO: “We do wond...

V. Ships Marine Travel: Avoiding pricing turbulence

London: In these hard times for owners where every cost is scrutinized, marine travel is something that is often missed when accountants come to cutting a company’s bottom line. A travel budget for a shipping company can run into millions of dollar...

ROG Ship Repair: Dutch yard rebrands

Rotterdam: Aiming to make a big splash at this week’s SMM fair in Hamburg will be a Dutch shipyard going through a rebrand. ROG Ship Repair will be the new name of the former Serdijn Ship Repair located in Rotterdam.

Maritime CEO 400: Mixed outlook for tankers

Singapore: Concluding our week-long archive ruminations to celebrate passing the 400-interview mark, Maritime CEO today turns its attention to what tanker owners have been telling us about the markets in recent months. Sadan Kaptanoglu, a board me...

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2014 Issue 3

In Focus

More than just price

There’s plenty that owners and managers will demand when choosing a lube supplier

More than just price

It is fair to say that the selection of lubricants onboard ship has never been more tricky or scrutinised.

Since the market crash of 2008 cost cutting has been uppermost in ship operators’ minds, desperate to stay afloat in what have been intensely tricky financial times. After crew costs and insurance, lubes make up the third highest cost in the daily running of a ship, typically accounting for around 10 to 17% of costs. However, price is not the most important aspect shipowners and operators look for when selecting a lube supplier, according to a wide-ranging survey carried out by Maritime CEO.

Maritime CEO sent out a survey to around 100 shipowners and managers on key lube issues. Price, while important, for sure, only ranked number three in the selection criteria.

Michael Moschonas, chief technical officer with Greece’s Almi Tankers, lists product quality and suitability, the reputation of the supplier, technical support and services, worldwide availability of all grades, before mentioning price.

On the issue of price a fleet manager in the tanker sector based in Singapore tells Maritime CEO: “Some might say rebates based on volume, but I would prefer a good upfront price with no accounting games.”

Ian Claxton, managing director of Thailand’s Thoresen & Co says quality product with no contamination, a guaranteed delivery period without delays to vessel or offhire and strong after sales support such as laboratory testing, training on use and handling, product news and regulatory information updates, all go a long way when selecting a lube supplier.

Meanwhile, the purchasing manager of one of the world’s largest containerlines has another thing he is looking out for when choosing a lubricant company. “Since some new regulations are coming in, we are looking whether their products are recommended by the equipment maker,” he says from the firm& ...   More>>